When is It the Right Time to Upsize Your Home?


Families in Auckland and across New Zealand often require room to grow. The home of your dreams may have provided enough space for a young couple, but that doesn’t mean it will meet the needs of a thriving family with children, pets, and all of the extra stuff that raising them entails. Without adequate living space lines form to use the bathroom, clutter accumulates in every corner, and squabbles break out over shared bedrooms. If this situation sounds all-too-familiar, it may be time to consider up-sizing.

This can be accomplished in one of two ways: you can renovate your current home or move to a larger one. This decision will require a good deal of thought and planning, and it’s best to start the process early before the space becomes too crowded for comfort. The first step is deciding whether or not it’s worth making the serious monetary investment necessary to renovate your existing home.

Many families make important and valuable social connections within their neighborhoods, and working professionals often buy homes in areas convenient to the office. Combined with the wealth of pleasant memories your home has accumulated over the years, these factors may make moving to a new house an emotionally or practically challenging option.

Keep in mind that when adequate living space is already an issue, this problem will only be exacerbated by trying to remain in the home while renovations occur. The best option is to find an acceptable temporary living situation for the family. Whether or not you can afford to simultaneously pay rent on temporary lodgings and a mortgage on your primary dwelling while still successfully footing the bill for renovations may be a deciding factor in whether or not to upsize an existing home. It’s smart to cut corners wherever possible. Using the services of affordable removal company in Auckland can cut down on at least some of the associated costs.

Regardless of whether you decide to renovate an existing home or move to a larger one, you’ll need to look into removal companies in Auckland to transport your family’s belongings. Lee Removals is one company providing a cheap moving service in Auckland that doesn’t require families to choose between getting excellent service and staying within their budgets. With over 17 years of experience, we have a well-deserved reputation among moving companies in Auckland for professionalism and reliable service. Visit our website at www.leeremovals.co.nz to learn more.

How to Save Money Moving House


How often are New Zealanders moving home? According to a nationwide Survey of Dynamics and Motivations for Migration in NZ conducted by Statistics New Zealand between March 2005 and 2007 quarters, an estimated 829, 500 people moved homes at least once during the two years. This represented about 25.8% of the total estimated survey population (of 3,213,800 individuals).

About 70.5% (2,264,600 individuals), or the majority of the population, stayed at the same usual residence and did not move. An estimated 119, 600 people, or 3.7% of the total estimated survey population, moved to NZ from overseas during those two years. The motivations for moving included economic, social, housing and employment reasons. Since hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders relocate every year, it’s no wonder that residents of Auckland and parts of the country are on the hunt for more affordable moving options.

Let’s face it, moving can be expensive, in part because you aren’t just hiring moving companies Auckland specialists. You are uprooting your life, whether you move across the North Island or South Island of New Zealand or across the street within your current neighbourhood, and budgeting for that can be a daunting task. It could, in fact, cost thousands of dollars more than you anticipated.

The good news is that it is still possible to save money during your relocation. By using the following tips for relocating on a budget, moving home does not have to be quite so costly.

Tips For Saving Money During Your Relocation

Get rid of stuff you don’t need: The weight and volume of your load are some of the main factors in determining the price of a long-haul move. Be sure to downsize in order to save money. Start by going through your house and organize things by room. While at it, identify items you can’t do without and those things you don’t really need. Sell or give away items you seldom use or don’t need.

This can be anything from books to old furniture pieces. You may also need to sell any furniture or other items that won’t fit in your new space. Remember it’s always cheaper to buy new things at your destination than paying for the cost of transporting a large number of items for long distances.

Time your move right: Be flexible with your moving date in order to increase your chances of securing much cheaper moving quotes. Most people tend to move at the beginning of the month or at month’s end and during weekends. To boost your chances of getting a cheaper quote to save money on your move, book at a less busy time – typically in the middle of the month on a weekend.

Make use of free and/or used, recycled boxes: You’ll find that buying boxes and other packing materials can cause your moving expenses to escalate. To cut costs, take advantage of used boxes that you can find from local stores and recycling centres. Your friends, relatives and neighbours may also have old boxes and packing materials that they don’t need. Ask them to give you these boxes and packing materials. You can also buy used, recycle boxes from pawn shops and online.

However, it’s worth noting that if you’re moving fragile items or sensitive goods like computer equipment, you’ll need to use quality boxes that are specifically designed for moving such items. Professional moving companies Auckland service providers like www.leeremovals.co.nz sell proper packing products and materials, including boxes, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, transit blankets and materials protectors and you can get boxes from them.

Do DIY packing: Consider packing yourself if you have the time and packing materials to cut costs. Plan your packing ahead and collect the right packing materials as soon as possible. Start packing items up yourself to cut down on your moving budget. You can your friends and family members to assist you with packing.

But, if you’re moving extremely large items or sensitive goods, you may need to engage professionals from one of the furniture removal companies Auckland providers. Professionals have the experience and expertise needed to safely pack oversized and sensitive goods and ensure a fast and efficient move.

Ask for tips: If you’ve never had a move before, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from friends, family and professionals who have experience in moving house or office. Professional removal companies Auckland service providers are always eager to provide prospective clients with advice on packing and other aspects of moving house. The internet is also a good place to search for tips on packing and planning your move.

Plan in advance: Don’t leave everything to the last minute. When you plan early, you have a better chance of having a successful move. This is because you’ll have enough time to successfully complete various tasks involved in a move. Start by creating a timeline to help you get prepared for each phase of your move. A timeline detailing various aspects of your move will not only keep you on schedule, but also make it easy for you to sort through the messiness of a move and identify areas where you can make cost savings.

Find the best cheap moving service: The quotes offered by removal companies Auckland providers can vary greatly and you’ll be surprised at how much you can save by choosing the most affordable service provider. So be sure to shop around for cheap moving services. To do this, contact local movers to get quotes for your proposed move.

While contacting movers, make sure you have all the details regarding your move including the weight and volume of your load and distance. Let them give you realistic estimates for the move. Then pick three reputable professional moving companies with the lowest quotes and contact them to find out more about their services. Choose the one with the best deal.

When choosing a moving company, don’t just pick the one with the lowest price. Make sure you’re dealing with a recognized, licensed company that is equipped with the proper insurance and resources to complete your move efficiently.

Look for combo deals: It is recommended to look for removal companies in Auckland that offer bundled packages to reduce the total cost of your move. Booking packing, removal and storage with one moving service will greatly reduce your cost.

Book movers early: Booking movers early will increase your chances of getting a good deal. Urgent or last minute removals are usually charged a higher rate.

Make sure you are ready: You will be charged extra if your moving company will be forced to help you pack last minute items. So make sure everything is ready to go.

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Specializing in office moves, house relocation and easy move furniture removals in Auckland and throughout New Zealand, we will be able to move all of your important belongings for a very affordable and budget-friendly price to help you save money on your relocation. We offer efficient packing services, moving insurance, good condition vehicles and well-trained and thoroughly screened removal experts to ensure your possessions arrive safely and guarantee a fast, friendly and reliable service.

Unlike some furniture removal companies Auckland providers out there, we are able to move even very large items such as pianos, pool tables and extremely heavy furniture pieces – all at a reasonable price. We always take care when moving any and all items from your home or office and we will stop at nothing to appease and assist you. Whether you’re moving house in North Shore, across town or are relocating to another city, there’s no better removal company to call than Lee Removals.

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Moving House Essential Checklist


Settling for a new apartment, home, downsizing or even upgrading? What is not to enjoy about starting on a clean slate; apart from moving itself. The thought of where to begin could be very nerve racking but with a functional checklist, it could be as easy as a down-slide. A good map always makes the road easier to travel.

You are sure you are moving out; what do you need?

Here is an essential checklist to simplify your experience with moving.

1. Be organized

It is important that you start moving preparations weeks before your actual move-out day. These are some of the things you need to get done before that final day;

> Find enough packing supplies to fit in all your movables

> Contact a moving company well in due time and confirm availability

> Get adequate information about your new location on the resource
centres in the area

> Change your address and make necessary changes with your utility service departments

> Check in with your doctor, vet, school and workplace and make the necessary changes

> Discontinue services that you would not need anymore

> Inform friends and family about your moving

> Visit the new house prior to moving and clean up and make any repairs if necessary

> Organize for utility services in time

2. Pack Efficiently

The nightmare of packing and unpacking could get utterly frustrating if not done correctly. Here is what you need to know about packing;

> Secure a storage unit in advance if you deem necessary

> Sort, separate and select what you would need and what needs to be done away with

> Label every carton clearly indicating contents and room destination

> Create an inventory with list of cartons and contents

> Package heavier things at the bottom and lighter things at the top

> Package similar items in the same box for easy reference

> Be sure to keep an essential box containing all the necessary things that would be required on the last few days and first few days of moving

> Unscrew and fold up all furniture that needs to be disassembled

3. On Moving Day

Regardless of how much preparations you made, this day could be extremely hectic and stressful. The movers might delay the whole process or some boxes might fall while loading and offloading, breaking a few things here and there; too much. www.leeremovals.co.nz is among the highest rated moving companies North Shore that would ensure a smooth moving day for you.

Tips that you need on this day;

> Have a moving survival kit at hand

> Unplug all chargers and cables from the sockets

> Double check that all closets and cabinets are empty

> Do not forget to hand in the key to the house agents

> Collect your new house keys in advance

> Ensure you stand by the moving truck with your inventory list to check what goes into the truck and in what order

> When offloading, check that everything in the list is in order

> With the well labelled boxes it will be easier placing them in their designated rooms for easy unpacking

As tedious as it gets, with this essential tips you would be spared much agony. Furniture moving North Shore could especially be very tricky if not carefully planned for with the right movers. Therefore if moving house North Shore, make the right call. Move with the best, move with Lee Removals Ltd.

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The Small Living Movement – Small Spaces and Simple Living


For many people moving up in to larger homes with more space for a growing family, pets, a vegetable garden, a double garage, 2 or 3 bathrooms is considered normal. However, for a growing number of people there is a tendency towards small living spaces. Whilst some families may be forced to stay in one small home despite increasing in number (more children or elderly relatives) due to costs of buying a larger home; others are purposely choosing smaller spaces to call home.

Some choose small mobile homes such as caravans or boats so they can literally pack up and move on whenever the urge takes them or the seasons change. Imagine being able to sail or drive towards warmer climates when the winter sets in? Many people wait until retirement age to buy the caravan or motorhome and set off for a long holiday. Not many actually sell up their house and opt for a full-time life on the road though!

Whether forced to live in a smaller space or by choice there are many ways to make living in small spaces more comfortable. The first and most important aspect is to downsize or de-clutter. You will not physically have the space for lots of stuff so sort it, sell it or simply give it away – there is always someone more in need of your stuff than you!

The advantages of living in a smaller space:

– cheaper to rent or buy

– reduced bills

– smaller space to heat in winter and cool in summer

– save on not buying stuff
– easier and quicker to keep clean
– more disposable income
– more environmentally friendly
– cheaper to renovate or decorate
– closer family unit
– pay off mortgage earlier

Whilst many people downsizing may be individuals or couples, families can do it too. For a family to live in a smaller space it is likely that there will be compromise on each child having their own room unless the house you find has single bedrooms. Whilst this may work for younger children it may be harder for older children to adjust to losing their space.

Imagine the scenario that an elderly relative needs to move in for care and one sibling is forced to give up their room and share with another. If children grow up sharing, the transition would be much easier. Again, there is a common theme that each child having a room of their own is a sign of wealth. Not so good when the parents are spending 50% or more of their income to finance that home!

There are some great ideas for maximising space in small spaces. Dining tables that extend for guests, beds that fold up or loft beds are popular. Mezzanine floors can be incorporated into high spaces for additional usable space. Storage can be cleverly incorporated into spaces under beds, under stairs and in bench seats for example. Open plan areas work best to create a sense of space. You will generally find small homes are decorated in a neutral palette to create a feeling of a larger space.
Whether downsizing your actual home is for you or not it can be good to have a clear out of belongings and de-clutter a little. Before you sell your home or move house is often when many people have a bit of a sort out and reduce their removal costs by having less stuff to pack and relocate. Selling a few items at a garage sale or online can even help you cover the costs of moving the remaining belongings!

If you are planning a house relocation and looking for moving companies on the North Shore contact Lee Removals Ltd. Visit www.leeremovals.co.nz for information on one of Auckland’s most reliable removal companies. You can also trust the team at Lee Removals Ltd to be one of the best furniture removal companies in Auckland whether you are moving a lounge suite or a 5 bedroom home!

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The Pros & Cons of Moving When Pregnant!


Pregnancy is a time of huge changes for your body and some of these changes can make you more susceptible to injuries. Your centre of balance shifts as your bump grows and the hormone relaxin causes muscles to relax increasing the risk of falls. Carrying around all that extra weight can cause back problems and aches and pains elsewhere. Considering moving house whilst pregnant is something to be thought about seriously, so let’s weigh up the pros and cons.


– it may be easier than with a newborn who needs constant attention in the early weeks for feeds, sleeping and nappy changes

– you can get moved to the new house before baby is born and get settled in

– you could move closer to a hospital or birth centre

– you could consider moving closer to family for support

– cleaning floors on your hands and knees can help with getting baby head down for birth if they are upside down

– you can nest to your heart’s content at your new home and await the arrival of your new addition


– you can’t paint and redecorate

– you need to be careful of cleaning chemical exposure

– more care required when lifting boxes or shifting furniture

– you get tired more easily which makes packing hard work

– you shouldn’t climb ladders to change curtains or clean windows and risk falling

– if you are selling your house to move then you will have the added stress of open homes

moving may cost more as it will be easier to employ a removal company than just hire a trailer and do-it-yourself

If this is your first baby things may be a little easier than having to chase around a toddler at the same time! Moving is stressful whether you have children, are pregnant or not. There is much to organise and sometimes forgetfulness is a common symptom for pregnant women. It could be easiest to plan a move you must make for the second trimester when the nausea, vomiting and intense tiredness have eased off for most mothers-to-be.

The third trimester is when your bump will continue to increase in size shifting your centre of gravity and putting more strain on your joints and back. The second trimester is probably the most comfortable time to consider moving. The period of time when you have a newborn is often referred to as the fourth trimester and is characterised by extreme tiredness as you cope with the demands of a new baby.

New babies do sleep a lot in the first few weeks, but you should rest then too and not be running around trying to pack a house and move to unpack again. Although babies are pretty adaptable and are light to carry. Listen to your body and take breaks when you need to and plan to have plenty of time so you don’t have to rush any aspect of the move.

Moving home with toddlers, now that is a whole other story of mobility!

One way to ease the pain of moving is to hire furniture removal companies in Auckland, New Zealand to do all the heavy lifting and furniture shifting for you. Lee Removals Ltd are one of a few moving companies North Shore, Auckland based. Visit their website www.leeremovals.co.nz for a quote for a full house move or just simply furniture moving around Auckland.

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Your Essential Stress Free Moving Day List!


Whether you are moving to a new home in the same suburb, to a new town or internationally there are a number of essential items to include on your moving list to make the day less stressful. Not stress free sadly, as moving can be one of the most stressful situations to have to cope with in your life, but you can definitely reduce the potential for worry by being organised. Before moving day, make sure you have packed as much as you can, have arranged for your post to be held or redirected, organised transfer of utilities and final bills and cleaned as much as you can.

Here are some other key tips for a stress free move!


You will need the keys for your old house to lock up so keep them safe as you do not want to waste time looking for them when the furniture removal team is ready to drive away. Imagine if you accidentally tape them shut in a box and don’t find them until you unpack at your destination! Keep keys in your handbag or on your person (in a pocket or one of those handy neck chains). Make sure you know where to drop the keys off – usually your real estate agent or property manager.

Overnight bag

It is a good idea to pack an overnight bag to cover essential personal items such as a change of clothes, toiletries and snacks. If you have children pack a few toys, nappies, nightwear, colouring-in/sketch/activity books and pencils and don’t forget their favourite soft toy. If you or anyone in your group has essential medicines make sure these are packed securely and clearly labelled. Don’t forget your phone charger!

Unpack First and Last Box

This box could contain items you will need in the first 24 hours in your new home. The following list is a guide and some may not apply to you. Water, snacks, an easy to prepare meal such as pasta and sauce (with a saucepan of course), some cups, enough plates and cutlery for each family member.

Of course you could plan to eat take-out for the first few meals, as pizza, chips and Chinese takeaway require no washing up! Some cloths and a general purpose cleaning spray are a good idea; just in case the home you move to isn’t quite as clean as you would expect. You may want to give the home you’re leaving a quick clean before you go too. Also make sure you include some toilet roll!

Rubbish Bag

No matter how organised you may be there will always be rubbish on moving day. You won’t be able to leave it in the household collection or wheelie bin so have a bag handy and take the rubbish with you.

A First Aid Kit

When you are moving and packing being around tape dispensers and scissors often results in a cut or two. Even a paper cut from the boxes may need a plaster or Band-Aid. Moving is stressful so have a headache remedy on hand. Of course any essential medicines will be in your overnight bag.


You likely won’t have time to cook up your usual gourmet meals so prepare some snacks the day before that can be kept in a cool box or bag and eaten cold. Slices, fruit and muffins are great options along with some pre-packaged items that will keep if not eaten. They will come in handy for when you have arrived and haven’t started unpacking the kitchen and pantry boxes yet. Don’t forget water for everyone as suffering from dehydration will make you all miserable.


For safety you should turn off the electricity at the switch board. This will help minimise any risk of fire damage while the home is unoccupied. Make sure all taps are turned off, especially when disconnecting washing machines. It would be awful for the new residents to turn up to a flooded laundry!


Keep important documents with you, don’t pack them. For example mortgage papers, lease forms, passports, birth certificates and any insurance documents. It can be useful to have directions to your new home printed out for when the GPS decides moving day is the day to stop working! The contact numbers for the removal firm and your estate agent should be somewhere handy – may be on your phone or in a notebook.

If you are moving house on Auckland’s North Shore then Lee Removals is the best moving company in Auckland. Their team of removalists are experts at helping you with moving house in the North Shore & wider Auckland area. You can use their man and a van option for smaller removals, North Shore wide too. For information on rates and to contact them for availability check out their website www.leeremovals.co.nz.

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How to Move House in 4 Easy Steps


The good thing about moving house is that it offers you the chance to take a breath and take stock of your life including the amount of furniture, toys and books etc that you have. Before you even start planning your move why not have a clear out of your belongings and have a garage sale. You will have less stuff to take with you on your move and you can raise some extra money in the process.

It is true that moving is a highly immersive task and if not well planned for can mount a lot of frustrations. The success of any moving task is usually determined by the level of preparedness that has been taken into consideration. Besides factors like costs, there are many other important aspects of your move that need to be taken into account.


Depending on the amount of possessions you have moving is not in any way an instantaneous process and prior planning, even if it takes you a couple of weeks, is the best way to start a home or office move.


Similar items need to be grouped together for easy sorting during the loading and the unloading phases of the moving process. For example it is usually a big no no to mix your kitchenware with any item which is meant for the bathroom. A well-coordinated packing process will ensure that you won’t lose any items during the move and that the unpacking time when you get to your new destination will be easier.

Plan in advance where you will put things

Most people do put a lot of focus on cleaning their old home when they leave it, rather than focusing on the new destination. While this needs to be done so that items don’t get left behind it is important to think about where items will be placed in your new home so that it’s easier to unpack when you get there. You also don’t need to spend time and energy moving around big pieces of furniture off the cuff without any idea where it should go.

Pick the best transport mode

The choice of moving van will be influenced by the nature of the items you want to move, as well as the distance to be covered. The space inside the vehicle is very important as this allows for items to be ferried around comfortably. If you have a large home or office to move in Auckland you might need several vehicles and several pairs of hands to help. Rather than trying to make the move yourself, why not use the services of a reliable Auckland moving company.

Lee Removals Auckland provide residential and office furniture removals for the entire Auckland area including the North Shore. Visit the Lee Removals website today at, www.leeremovals.co.nz, for a free quote on the best removal company in Auckland.

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Just When is The Right Time to Downsize Your Home?


Making the decision to leave your home for a new place is never easy, but sometimes it might be the best decision to make. There are many times when a large home is a necessity, but there are just as many times that large houses are not needed. Despite what you may think, you could actually be happier and more comfortable in a smaller home! So, when is it time to consider downsizing?

1. Your family is smaller

Maybe you were once a six person family, but once the kids have all left the nest and your household has shrunk it’s difficult to justify that four bedroom, 3 bathroom home anymore. If your kids still make frequent, long visits home at the same time then maybe it’s good to stick with it, but otherwise it might be time to think about downsizing to smaller home.

2. You want to pay off your debts quicker

Larger homes almost always come with a larger mortgage and more bills to pay. Besides the debt on the house itself, you might spend more to heat it during the cold months and more to cool it down during the hot months. If you don’t have any reason to own a large home anymore, you could save a huge chunk of money each month by downsizing.

3. You want a different lifestyle

Living in the same home for decades at a time can get you pretty stuck into one way of living your life. Sometimes the only way to make a real change is to move to a new home. Choosing a smaller home allows you to have more control over your surroundings. You will have an easier time decorating, doing home improvement projects, and anything else you are looking to do in your home to make it truly feel like a new start.

4. You’re interested in a new area

Sometimes a new place in town or maybe even a completely new town can start calling out to you. If moving house in North Shore is your call, it’s easier to find a smaller house and move into it than to try to stick to the same size or go bigger.

5. You want a lower maintenance home

Upkeep for large houses with huge yards can be hard to manage, especially as you get older in age. Don’t underestimate the relief of having a smaller home to take care of! Less time and energy spent taking care of your house and yard means more time you can spend doing other things like practicing your hobbies, going to see friends, or just relaxing.

When you decide to downsize, you will need to choose a good moving company to help you get from your old house to your new home. If you need a furniture moving company in the North Shore or a removal company in the Auckland area, Lee Removals Ltd. might be the best solution for you. Call today or log on to www.LeeRemovals.co.nz to learn more about moving to your new, downsized dream home now!

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When is the Right Time to Downsize your Home?


It is strange to hear homeowners talking about buying a smaller home as it is the exact opposite of what most people wish for. But there comes a time when downsizing your home is a wise action. It comes with a number of benefits including fewer maintenance commitments and an opportunity to earn money from the sale of your house.

For some people, the decision to downsize comes quickly without much debate. For others however, it is a tougher step to take. If you are unsure of what to do, here are five signs that it is the right time to downsize your home.

1. The kids have moved out and most of the rooms are unused

Time passes by quickly. One moment, you are considering turning the home office into an extra bedroom for the growing family. Years later, in what seems like a flash, the kids are buying their own homes.

When most of your rooms go unused, consider downsizing. The extra rooms are just taking up more maintenance work and the equity in the extra space could be turned into cash. Granted, it will be hard to move to a smaller house after years of space but within a short time, you will fall in love with the new cosy place.

2. Too much junk

A large home comes with a habit of stuffing endless things in it. Nothing is ever thrown away because there is space. But these things, while not really meaningful, only add to the stress of maintaining the house.

Moving to a smaller house will force you to slide towards minimalism, cutting out things you do not really need. Not only does it make housework easier, it also leaves you with plenty of time to engage in other fun activities.

3. The mortgage load is too much

If you are paying mortgage on your current house, downsizing can significantly reduce your mortgage payments. You might even manage to pay your mortgage off in a shorter period of time. The extra money can go to other investments or paying other debts.

4. Age

A big house can be intimidating for an older person. The amount of work involved and the sense of loneliness the big quiet space creates are not exactly recipes for good living. A smaller home reduces the workload and does not feel as empty.

5. You want to move

Most people buy homes in large urban areas due to work commutes. Once you retire, you might consider a move to a quieter suburban or even rural area. This is an excellent time to downsize. You will likely earn a lot of money from the sale of your urban house by moving to a home in a lower-priced real estate market.

The Perfect Moving Solution

If you have made the big decision, it is time to start thinking about the moving process. Start on the right footing by choosing one of the best furniture moving company in North Shore and Auckland. Lee Removals ltd has long been considered one of the best moving companies Auckland.

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Is it Time for You to Downsize Your Home?


Although it’s not a popular thing to talk about for most people, is it possible that you and your family are living in a house that’s more than you actually need? In New Zealand’s housing market today mortgages are not too hard to come by, making it easier for you to get a home that might be more than you really need for the size of your family. If you’re still paying off your Auckland mortgage after many years or your home bills are stacking up, it might be time to look at your situation and see if you should consider downsizing.

Can you identify with any of these situations that might hint towards downsizing?

1. Your family is smaller

When you have a large family, you need a lot more space to accommodate everyone living in the home. However, once children start growing older and moving out of the house, your family’s need for more space becomes less urgent. Maybe the amount of rooms and space you have made sense when your family was larger, but now they might not be as useful.

If you find that some rooms of the house are hardly ever used or are unnecessary for a large part of your life, you might think about putting your house on the market and calling some moving companies in Auckland for a quote.

2. Upkeep and maintenance expenses are a large part of your income

Taking care of a home is expensive, and it’s no secret that larger homes come with larger bills. Utilities cost more, taxes cost more, repairs can make a dent in your income, and any sort of maintenance that needs to be hired will come with a bigger price tag as well. Downsizing your home will also effectively downsize your home-related expenses.

3. Your mortgage debt stands to get in the way of retirement

If you’re a decade or so from retirement and you’re still paying off your mortgage, it might be time to look at a smaller home that isn’t as expensive. The last thing you want is to be doing is still paying off your mortgage when you are retired. Don’t let your retirement get delayed when you could be perfectly happy and comfortable in another home that won’t cost as much.

4. You want a lifestyle change

Living in the same place for a long time might not be what you had envisioned. Perhaps you’re a little bored with the area you live in and want a change? Downsizing means you might be able to pay a smaller price for a home in a more vibrant area of town.

5. New designs and fresh style are something you crave

Does your current home bore you? There’s only so much you can change around. Rearranging furniture, changing the curtains, painting the walls, or similar small changes can’t take away from the fact that you might just not like your house. A new, smaller home will give you a place to make your own with your current style and will be easy to rearrange and change when you feel the whim for a new look.

Moving is a difficult process, especially moving the contents of a large home to a smaller home. That’s why, if you have decided to downsize your home, you should look into getting some help from a professional moving company in the North Shore and Auckland.

Lee Removals Ltd. is one of the best removal companies in Auckland and has helped thousands of people transport their precious cargo from one home to another. If you have a moving company like Lee Removals working for you, moving doesn’t have to be such a scary step. Visit their website at www.leeremovals.co.nz for a free quote.

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