The Pros & Cons of Moving When Pregnant!


Pregnancy is a time of huge changes for your body and some of these changes can make you more susceptible to injuries. Your centre of balance shifts as your bump grows and the hormone relaxin causes muscles to relax increasing the risk of falls. Carrying around all that extra weight can cause back problems and aches and pains elsewhere. Considering moving house whilst pregnant is something to be thought about seriously, so let’s weigh up the pros and cons.


– it may be easier than with a newborn who needs constant attention in the early weeks for feeds, sleeping and nappy changes

– you can get moved to the new house before baby is born and get settled in

– you could move closer to a hospital or birth centre

– you could consider moving closer to family for support

– cleaning floors on your hands and knees can help with getting baby head down for birth if they are upside down

– you can nest to your heart’s content at your new home and await the arrival of your new addition


– you can’t paint and redecorate

– you need to be careful of cleaning chemical exposure

– more care required when lifting boxes or shifting furniture

– you get tired more easily which makes packing hard work

– you shouldn’t climb ladders to change curtains or clean windows and risk falling

– if you are selling your house to move then you will have the added stress of open homes

moving may cost more as it will be easier to employ a removal company than just hire a trailer and do-it-yourself

If this is your first baby things may be a little easier than having to chase around a toddler at the same time! Moving is stressful whether you have children, are pregnant or not. There is much to organise and sometimes forgetfulness is a common symptom for pregnant women. It could be easiest to plan a move you must make for the second trimester when the nausea, vomiting and intense tiredness have eased off for most mothers-to-be.

The third trimester is when your bump will continue to increase in size shifting your centre of gravity and putting more strain on your joints and back. The second trimester is probably the most comfortable time to consider moving. The period of time when you have a newborn is often referred to as the fourth trimester and is characterised by extreme tiredness as you cope with the demands of a new baby.

New babies do sleep a lot in the first few weeks, but you should rest then too and not be running around trying to pack a house and move to unpack again. Although babies are pretty adaptable and are light to carry. Listen to your body and take breaks when you need to and plan to have plenty of time so you don’t have to rush any aspect of the move.

Moving home with toddlers, now that is a whole other story of mobility!

One way to ease the pain of moving is to hire furniture removal companies in Auckland, New Zealand to do all the heavy lifting and furniture shifting for you. Lee Removals Ltd are one of a few moving companies North Shore, Auckland based. Visit their website for a quote for a full house move or just simply furniture moving around Auckland.

Contact our friendly team at Lee Removals to make a booking!


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