Is it Time for You to Downsize Your Home?


Although it’s not a popular thing to talk about for most people, is it possible that you and your family are living in a house that’s more than you actually need? In New Zealand’s housing market today mortgages are not too hard to come by, making it easier for you to get a home that might be more than you really need for the size of your family. If you’re still paying off your Auckland mortgage after many years or your home bills are stacking up, it might be time to look at your situation and see if you should consider downsizing.

Can you identify with any of these situations that might hint towards downsizing?

1. Your family is smaller

When you have a large family, you need a lot more space to accommodate everyone living in the home. However, once children start growing older and moving out of the house, your family’s need for more space becomes less urgent. Maybe the amount of rooms and space you have made sense when your family was larger, but now they might not be as useful.

If you find that some rooms of the house are hardly ever used or are unnecessary for a large part of your life, you might think about putting your house on the market and calling some moving companies in Auckland for a quote.

2. Upkeep and maintenance expenses are a large part of your income

Taking care of a home is expensive, and it’s no secret that larger homes come with larger bills. Utilities cost more, taxes cost more, repairs can make a dent in your income, and any sort of maintenance that needs to be hired will come with a bigger price tag as well. Downsizing your home will also effectively downsize your home-related expenses.

3. Your mortgage debt stands to get in the way of retirement

If you’re a decade or so from retirement and you’re still paying off your mortgage, it might be time to look at a smaller home that isn’t as expensive. The last thing you want is to be doing is still paying off your mortgage when you are retired. Don’t let your retirement get delayed when you could be perfectly happy and comfortable in another home that won’t cost as much.

4. You want a lifestyle change

Living in the same place for a long time might not be what you had envisioned. Perhaps you’re a little bored with the area you live in and want a change? Downsizing means you might be able to pay a smaller price for a home in a more vibrant area of town.

5. New designs and fresh style are something you crave

Does your current home bore you? There’s only so much you can change around. Rearranging furniture, changing the curtains, painting the walls, or similar small changes can’t take away from the fact that you might just not like your house. A new, smaller home will give you a place to make your own with your current style and will be easy to rearrange and change when you feel the whim for a new look.

Moving is a difficult process, especially moving the contents of a large home to a smaller home. That’s why, if you have decided to downsize your home, you should look into getting some help from a professional moving company in the North Shore and Auckland.

Lee Removals Ltd. is one of the best removal companies in Auckland and has helped thousands of people transport their precious cargo from one home to another. If you have a moving company like Lee Removals working for you, moving doesn’t have to be such a scary step. Visit their website at for a free quote.

Contact our friendly team at Lee Removals Ltd to make a booking!


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