How to Move House in 4 Easy Steps


The good thing about moving house is that it offers you the chance to take a breath and take stock of your life including the amount of furniture, toys and books etc that you have. Before you even start planning your move why not have a clear out of your belongings and have a garage sale. You will have less stuff to take with you on your move and you can raise some extra money in the process.

It is true that moving is a highly immersive task and if not well planned for can mount a lot of frustrations. The success of any moving task is usually determined by the level of preparedness that has been taken into consideration. Besides factors like costs, there are many other important aspects of your move that need to be taken into account.


Depending on the amount of possessions you have moving is not in any way an instantaneous process and prior planning, even if it takes you a couple of weeks, is the best way to start a home or office move.


Similar items need to be grouped together for easy sorting during the loading and the unloading phases of the moving process. For example it is usually a big no no to mix your kitchenware with any item which is meant for the bathroom. A well-coordinated packing process will ensure that you won’t lose any items during the move and that the unpacking time when you get to your new destination will be easier.

Plan in advance where you will put things

Most people do put a lot of focus on cleaning their old home when they leave it, rather than focusing on the new destination. While this needs to be done so that items don’t get left behind it is important to think about where items will be placed in your new home so that it’s easier to unpack when you get there. You also don’t need to spend time and energy moving around big pieces of furniture off the cuff without any idea where it should go.

Pick the best transport mode

The choice of moving van will be influenced by the nature of the items you want to move, as well as the distance to be covered. The space inside the vehicle is very important as this allows for items to be ferried around comfortably. If you have a large home or office to move in Auckland you might need several vehicles and several pairs of hands to help. Rather than trying to make the move yourself, why not use the services of a reliable Auckland moving company.

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