Moving House Essential Checklist


Settling for a new apartment, home, downsizing or even upgrading? What is not to enjoy about starting on a clean slate; apart from moving itself. The thought of where to begin could be very nerve racking but with a functional checklist, it could be as easy as a down-slide. A good map always makes the road easier to travel.

You are sure you are moving out; what do you need?

Here is an essential checklist to simplify your experience with moving.

1. Be organized

It is important that you start moving preparations weeks before your actual move-out day. These are some of the things you need to get done before that final day;

> Find enough packing supplies to fit in all your movables

> Contact a moving company well in due time and confirm availability

> Get adequate information about your new location on the resource
centres in the area

> Change your address and make necessary changes with your utility service departments

> Check in with your doctor, vet, school and workplace and make the necessary changes

> Discontinue services that you would not need anymore

> Inform friends and family about your moving

> Visit the new house prior to moving and clean up and make any repairs if necessary

> Organize for utility services in time

2. Pack Efficiently

The nightmare of packing and unpacking could get utterly frustrating if not done correctly. Here is what you need to know about packing;

> Secure a storage unit in advance if you deem necessary

> Sort, separate and select what you would need and what needs to be done away with

> Label every carton clearly indicating contents and room destination

> Create an inventory with list of cartons and contents

> Package heavier things at the bottom and lighter things at the top

> Package similar items in the same box for easy reference

> Be sure to keep an essential box containing all the necessary things that would be required on the last few days and first few days of moving

> Unscrew and fold up all furniture that needs to be disassembled

3. On Moving Day

Regardless of how much preparations you made, this day could be extremely hectic and stressful. The movers might delay the whole process or some boxes might fall while loading and offloading, breaking a few things here and there; too much. is among the highest rated moving companies North Shore that would ensure a smooth moving day for you.

Tips that you need on this day;

> Have a moving survival kit at hand

> Unplug all chargers and cables from the sockets

> Double check that all closets and cabinets are empty

> Do not forget to hand in the key to the house agents

> Collect your new house keys in advance

> Ensure you stand by the moving truck with your inventory list to check what goes into the truck and in what order

> When offloading, check that everything in the list is in order

> With the well labelled boxes it will be easier placing them in their designated rooms for easy unpacking

As tedious as it gets, with this essential tips you would be spared much agony. Furniture moving North Shore could especially be very tricky if not carefully planned for with the right movers. Therefore if moving house North Shore, make the right call. Move with the best, move with Lee Removals Ltd.

Contact our friendly team at Lee Removals Ltd to make a booking!

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