When is the Right Time to Downsize your Home?


It is strange to hear homeowners talking about buying a smaller home as it is the exact opposite of what most people wish for. But there comes a time when downsizing your home is a wise action. It comes with a number of benefits including fewer maintenance commitments and an opportunity to earn money from the sale of your house.

For some people, the decision to downsize comes quickly without much debate. For others however, it is a tougher step to take. If you are unsure of what to do, here are five signs that it is the right time to downsize your home.

1. The kids have moved out and most of the rooms are unused

Time passes by quickly. One moment, you are considering turning the home office into an extra bedroom for the growing family. Years later, in what seems like a flash, the kids are buying their own homes.

When most of your rooms go unused, consider downsizing. The extra rooms are just taking up more maintenance work and the equity in the extra space could be turned into cash. Granted, it will be hard to move to a smaller house after years of space but within a short time, you will fall in love with the new cosy place.

2. Too much junk

A large home comes with a habit of stuffing endless things in it. Nothing is ever thrown away because there is space. But these things, while not really meaningful, only add to the stress of maintaining the house.

Moving to a smaller house will force you to slide towards minimalism, cutting out things you do not really need. Not only does it make housework easier, it also leaves you with plenty of time to engage in other fun activities.

3. The mortgage load is too much

If you are paying mortgage on your current house, downsizing can significantly reduce your mortgage payments. You might even manage to pay your mortgage off in a shorter period of time. The extra money can go to other investments or paying other debts.

4. Age

A big house can be intimidating for an older person. The amount of work involved and the sense of loneliness the big quiet space creates are not exactly recipes for good living. A smaller home reduces the workload and does not feel as empty.

5. You want to move

Most people buy homes in large urban areas due to work commutes. Once you retire, you might consider a move to a quieter suburban or even rural area. This is an excellent time to downsize. You will likely earn a lot of money from the sale of your urban house by moving to a home in a lower-priced real estate market.

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