Your Essential Stress Free Moving Day List!


Whether you are moving to a new home in the same suburb, to a new town or internationally there are a number of essential items to include on your moving list to make the day less stressful. Not stress free sadly, as moving can be one of the most stressful situations to have to cope with in your life, but you can definitely reduce the potential for worry by being organised. Before moving day, make sure you have packed as much as you can, have arranged for your post to be held or redirected, organised transfer of utilities and final bills and cleaned as much as you can.

Here are some other key tips for a stress free move!


You will need the keys for your old house to lock up so keep them safe as you do not want to waste time looking for them when the furniture removal team is ready to drive away. Imagine if you accidentally tape them shut in a box and don’t find them until you unpack at your destination! Keep keys in your handbag or on your person (in a pocket or one of those handy neck chains). Make sure you know where to drop the keys off – usually your real estate agent or property manager.

Overnight bag

It is a good idea to pack an overnight bag to cover essential personal items such as a change of clothes, toiletries and snacks. If you have children pack a few toys, nappies, nightwear, colouring-in/sketch/activity books and pencils and don’t forget their favourite soft toy. If you or anyone in your group has essential medicines make sure these are packed securely and clearly labelled. Don’t forget your phone charger!

Unpack First and Last Box

This box could contain items you will need in the first 24 hours in your new home. The following list is a guide and some may not apply to you. Water, snacks, an easy to prepare meal such as pasta and sauce (with a saucepan of course), some cups, enough plates and cutlery for each family member.

Of course you could plan to eat take-out for the first few meals, as pizza, chips and Chinese takeaway require no washing up! Some cloths and a general purpose cleaning spray are a good idea; just in case the home you move to isn’t quite as clean as you would expect. You may want to give the home you’re leaving a quick clean before you go too. Also make sure you include some toilet roll!

Rubbish Bag

No matter how organised you may be there will always be rubbish on moving day. You won’t be able to leave it in the household collection or wheelie bin so have a bag handy and take the rubbish with you.

A First Aid Kit

When you are moving and packing being around tape dispensers and scissors often results in a cut or two. Even a paper cut from the boxes may need a plaster or Band-Aid. Moving is stressful so have a headache remedy on hand. Of course any essential medicines will be in your overnight bag.


You likely won’t have time to cook up your usual gourmet meals so prepare some snacks the day before that can be kept in a cool box or bag and eaten cold. Slices, fruit and muffins are great options along with some pre-packaged items that will keep if not eaten. They will come in handy for when you have arrived and haven’t started unpacking the kitchen and pantry boxes yet. Don’t forget water for everyone as suffering from dehydration will make you all miserable.


For safety you should turn off the electricity at the switch board. This will help minimise any risk of fire damage while the home is unoccupied. Make sure all taps are turned off, especially when disconnecting washing machines. It would be awful for the new residents to turn up to a flooded laundry!


Keep important documents with you, don’t pack them. For example mortgage papers, lease forms, passports, birth certificates and any insurance documents. It can be useful to have directions to your new home printed out for when the GPS decides moving day is the day to stop working! The contact numbers for the removal firm and your estate agent should be somewhere handy – may be on your phone or in a notebook.

If you are moving house on Auckland’s North Shore then Lee Removals is the best moving company in Auckland. Their team of removalists are experts at helping you with moving house in the North Shore & wider Auckland area. You can use their man and a van option for smaller removals, North Shore wide too. For information on rates and to contact them for availability check out their website

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