The Small Living Movement – Small Spaces and Simple Living


For many people moving up in to larger homes with more space for a growing family, pets, a vegetable garden, a double garage, 2 or 3 bathrooms is considered normal. However, for a growing number of people there is a tendency towards small living spaces. Whilst some families may be forced to stay in one small home despite increasing in number (more children or elderly relatives) due to costs of buying a larger home; others are purposely choosing smaller spaces to call home.

Some choose small mobile homes such as caravans or boats so they can literally pack up and move on whenever the urge takes them or the seasons change. Imagine being able to sail or drive towards warmer climates when the winter sets in? Many people wait until retirement age to buy the caravan or motorhome and set off for a long holiday. Not many actually sell up their house and opt for a full-time life on the road though!

Whether forced to live in a smaller space or by choice there are many ways to make living in small spaces more comfortable. The first and most important aspect is to downsize or de-clutter. You will not physically have the space for lots of stuff so sort it, sell it or simply give it away – there is always someone more in need of your stuff than you!

The advantages of living in a smaller space:

– cheaper to rent or buy

– reduced bills

– smaller space to heat in winter and cool in summer

– save on not buying stuff
– easier and quicker to keep clean
– more disposable income
– more environmentally friendly
– cheaper to renovate or decorate
– closer family unit
– pay off mortgage earlier

Whilst many people downsizing may be individuals or couples, families can do it too. For a family to live in a smaller space it is likely that there will be compromise on each child having their own room unless the house you find has single bedrooms. Whilst this may work for younger children it may be harder for older children to adjust to losing their space.

Imagine the scenario that an elderly relative needs to move in for care and one sibling is forced to give up their room and share with another. If children grow up sharing, the transition would be much easier. Again, there is a common theme that each child having a room of their own is a sign of wealth. Not so good when the parents are spending 50% or more of their income to finance that home!

There are some great ideas for maximising space in small spaces. Dining tables that extend for guests, beds that fold up or loft beds are popular. Mezzanine floors can be incorporated into high spaces for additional usable space. Storage can be cleverly incorporated into spaces under beds, under stairs and in bench seats for example. Open plan areas work best to create a sense of space. You will generally find small homes are decorated in a neutral palette to create a feeling of a larger space.
Whether downsizing your actual home is for you or not it can be good to have a clear out of belongings and de-clutter a little. Before you sell your home or move house is often when many people have a bit of a sort out and reduce their removal costs by having less stuff to pack and relocate. Selling a few items at a garage sale or online can even help you cover the costs of moving the remaining belongings!

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