Just When is The Right Time to Downsize Your Home?


Making the decision to leave your home for a new place is never easy, but sometimes it might be the best decision to make. There are many times when a large home is a necessity, but there are just as many times that large houses are not needed. Despite what you may think, you could actually be happier and more comfortable in a smaller home! So, when is it time to consider downsizing?

1. Your family is smaller

Maybe you were once a six person family, but once the kids have all left the nest and your household has shrunk it’s difficult to justify that four bedroom, 3 bathroom home anymore. If your kids still make frequent, long visits home at the same time then maybe it’s good to stick with it, but otherwise it might be time to think about downsizing to smaller home.

2. You want to pay off your debts quicker

Larger homes almost always come with a larger mortgage and more bills to pay. Besides the debt on the house itself, you might spend more to heat it during the cold months and more to cool it down during the hot months. If you don’t have any reason to own a large home anymore, you could save a huge chunk of money each month by downsizing.

3. You want a different lifestyle

Living in the same home for decades at a time can get you pretty stuck into one way of living your life. Sometimes the only way to make a real change is to move to a new home. Choosing a smaller home allows you to have more control over your surroundings. You will have an easier time decorating, doing home improvement projects, and anything else you are looking to do in your home to make it truly feel like a new start.

4. You’re interested in a new area

Sometimes a new place in town or maybe even a completely new town can start calling out to you. If moving house in North Shore is your call, it’s easier to find a smaller house and move into it than to try to stick to the same size or go bigger.

5. You want a lower maintenance home

Upkeep for large houses with huge yards can be hard to manage, especially as you get older in age. Don’t underestimate the relief of having a smaller home to take care of! Less time and energy spent taking care of your house and yard means more time you can spend doing other things like practicing your hobbies, going to see friends, or just relaxing.

When you decide to downsize, you will need to choose a good moving company to help you get from your old house to your new home. If you need a furniture moving company in the North Shore or a removal company in the Auckland area, Lee Removals Ltd. might be the best solution for you. Call today or log on to www.LeeRemovals.co.nz to learn more about moving to your new, downsized dream home now!

Contact our friendly team at Lee Removals to make a booking!


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