The Top 5 Livable Cities in New Zealand


Nowadays, when people look at potential places to live in their considerations go beyond just the average cost of property and the employment situation in the surrounding area. Quality of life is becoming an ever more important consideration with many home buyers no longer willing to settle for living in a stressful environment. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 most livable cities in New Zealand to give you an idea of which places offer the highest overall standard of living.


Auckland is widely acknowledged to be one of the most livable major cities to be found anywhere in the world. With low levels of pollution, a vibrant cafe culture with one of the best coffee scenes anywhere in the world and good public transport at affordable prices, it is clear Auckland has a lot going for it. Of course, Auckland is a major city with a population of over a million people and therefore is not like living in a small, slower paced town. However, the general vibe of Auckland makes it one of the most livable cities you are ever likely to move to.


Despite having gone through the devastation of a major earthquake back in 2011, Christchurch remains a highly livable mid-sized New Zealand city with a lot going for it. Christchurch closely resembles city life in the United Kingdom due the city’s close ties with Britain going back over a century. The key to understanding what makes Christchurch such a livable city is the little things that it has to offer its residents, which when added together make for a great quality of life.

North Shore

North Shore has many things going for it and is popular with new arrivals to New Zealand due to its stellar reputation for offering a high quality of life. The beaches in the surrounding area are stunning and provide the perfect way for residents to get away from it all without having to travel far. North Shore is also known for its friendly, warm and welcoming residents who really go out of their way to make new residents feel at home.


Despite being one of New Zealand’s smallest cities with a population of only just over a hundred thousand people, Dunedin holds up well in the livability stakes against the competition. It is perfectly sized for quality of life as it offers the amenities of a large cities, while retaining the manageability and feel of a town.


Although less well known than some of the other cities on this list, Tauranga matches up well in terms of livability. Price levels in the city are lower than the New Zealand average, which makes it easier to afford a better standard of living. Furthermore, Tauranga is full of free activities to get involved with, which makes for improved livability and easier settlement into the local community.

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